Friday, 19 July 2013

Grey Knight - Librarian Finished

Wow, that one went quickly. Didn't really want to drag him on forever, so i spent a few more couple hours to finish him. I'm happy with two thing about him ;

1- He was quick to paint. I got the model wednesday after all. Ok, i did paint roughly 12-15 hours in 3 days, but still.
2- I stuck with my limited palette. Didn't add a single color to what i was already using, even on the flesh.

Bazinga! Ok, i already feel bad about saying bazinga....

Everything is painted. The only detail i left out are two horned face on each of his hips plate. I felt that the 3 already present on the front were already enough, and the way they were placed were just screaming MISTAKE!

Boltgun might be the only thing i didn't work much harder than on the troops'. Reason? I have no clue, seems like my recipe was missing 2-3 color, i got annoyed, and just went on with it.

Whoever though it was a good idea to write on the purity seal is an ass. There i said it.

On the back, not much to say. We can see that i went really simple with the staff ; simple black base coat with white on raised area. Added a bit of white on his shoulder gold, just enough to make some area pop more.

Lucky guy, for some reason his signet stays on his right page, even in battle...

I went and painted everywhere i could some "lettering". I'm pretty happy with my "A". It's nothing special, but it add a little more than just plain writing.

Now, for the last part, please, keep in mind that thing is less than a centimeter long. The staff's head was a tricky part, i really had no clue how to paint gold on it. I didn't want to have an half completely highlighted with another completely brown, so i kind of mixed highlight and shades. Final result? Beside the white with which i went overboard, i think it's pretty damn nice.

Next up, is Draigo and his 5 man Terminator friends. Then in august i got to paint "another" 5 man terminator (bringing me to 15, so enough for a non-draigo terminator 1500 pts list). Draigo already got some love, and should be able to show some WIP later this weekend..

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