Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nurgle Daemon Prince WIP #1

So after a pretty long Daemon hiatus, i decided to start again on my Daemon Prince for the next tournament in august. I have plans for 3 project until then + moving to a new house. Will i be able to complete it all? probably not, but at least, it's keeping me motivated for now...

My Daemon Prince will replace my GUO for most of my Fantasy game, since i think the GUO is way too easy of a target for opponent cannon.

Obviously, he'll be carnival-ized too, but for now, i'm just bulking him up a bit.

I could probably talk about my inspiration for him. When i re-watched Lord of the rings a few months ago, i found that General which i though would be a great Nurgle model, so i started thinking about a DP looking like him a bit...  Obviously, that General was Gothmog.

Ain't he lovely?

So first, some pictures ;

As you can see, alot of work was already done on him.

Added alot of fat to his belly, and scratch built his arms. Was the first time i ever attempted something like that, and i think i could of pulled something pretty life-like if i wanted to. One of his leg also has alot of pustule, which is something i wanted on the model ; I'll definately add alot more still (still need his boobs made, and some work on his legs).

Gothmog has a very weird skin with alot of hair coming out. I'm aiming for that too on my DP, but not covering his whole body ; some part will just look pale, while some other will be very diseased. I'll probably try to add some dark purple / black on some member to look like he's rotting. I also tried to add some arm flapping, just to add to the "eww" to the model. You can also see that his disease on his arm is slowly growing on his back, which is something i want ; he's not done being blessed yet!

Finally his head. Obviously not done, i still want to add more fat to his head, and some disease, but it give a good idea of his eye' size. Hoping to make one of the sickest eye i ever done with this one.

The next two project are Khorne Cannon with a Carnival and Nurgle twist...

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