Wednesday, 29 February 2012

2479 pts completed of Ogre Kingdoms

Finally completed my whole army, minus a single sabertusk. Pictures after the break.


From left to right ;
Slaughtermaster, Firebelly and Battle Standard Bearer

My Slaughtermaster was a test model i did for my new skin color (new recipe that i didn't use in the end with the switch to vallejo's paint).
My Battle Standard Bearer is an old model i did about 2 years ago. Still love him very much, even without a hand painted drawing on the standard.
My Firebelly is a pretty nice achievement imho. There was many challenge amongst that model, such as the attempt to make an ice block of his weapon, and the flame. Still thinking about redoing his weapon at some other time....


First picture is 48 Gnoblar, for a whoppy 195 pts. Less than a month ago, only 10 of them were painted, so i'm pretty happy about them finally completed.

Second picture is my Ironguts bunker. There's 4 generation on that unit. The Champion (the mournfang's weapon wearer) is the latest, the Standard the previous, then there's the purple and blue pants, and the yellow and green, which were the very first model i painted.


First picture is my 2 mourfang units. Kinda annoyed how one of the musician look (almost look like he's about to fall off his mount), Especially since i glued him there looking at his mount only, which is just right.... but the rider..... anyway.

Second picture is my 2 mournfang from back when i used a hunter... and the third "sabertusk", which i'll be forced to use, due to the blister being a pain to get, and me trying to get it too late.

Lastly, my 2 ironblaster and my Thundertusk, finally completed and based... pretty happy about the 3 models, all 3 being airbrush experiment (i gotta learn to stop doing that with 50$+ models)...

So there it is. Now I have about 48 hours left to make a presentation tray....

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