Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #11 : Warshrine, 2nd unit of blightking and 9 warrior built

Today, a small update on what i managed to finish over the weekend. Once again, only building and greenstuffing, as i'm hoping to resume painting sometimes during christmass time.

First, the Warshrine been a PITA to figure out since i decided to replace its carrier. I jungled with the idea of using nurgling, but i couldnt find a way to make it plausible. It always just looked as if i glued a bunch of nurgling on the base, and slapped it on top of it. So i went a different route, and i'm very happy with the result

It's still unfinished, but you get a good idea of the final look. I used a Plague Drone, some cutting and green stuffing and voila! The thing IS holding on 4 pointy things, so i'll need to find something solid to hold it and keep it from breaking. The plague drone still need works as well, since i need to cover the wings hole, add a head and random stuff on it.

The second thing i did is build the next 5 blightkings. I'm happy that they all have different weapons, heads and torso compared to the first 5, but there's something.... missing on them... still not sure what, i guess i'll see once they are waterized and painted.

A family shot of the 9 warrios i completed so far. The 4th look weaponless, that's because he'll be carrying his weapon on his back... considering making him a banner bearer, which would make sense to explain his weapon... otherwise, i don't know.

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