Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #15 : BSB done! 10 WoC done! 30 shields done! Chimera done!

Spent a few days away from home, but managed to get a few hours in before and after, and managed to complete pretty much everything i wanted to build. I call them done, but i might go and add some barnacle here and there. But the biggest job is done ; they are all built, nurgle-ized, and ready to be fielded on the table.

First, i completed my 10 last WoC. With 30, i can easily field them in a 2400 or 2500 pts games, and i can stretch it to 3000 if i include my Forsaken (which i consider building/playing).

Again, pretty much all of them are different from each other, and even from the other 20. The one to the farthest right isnt a bsb, but a banner bearer. He's on the fence of being too big to be a WoC, but i worked hard to make him part of the rest...

He's not that armored, but, neither are the WoC i built with Plaguebearers' belly. I switched his necklace for a burgle sign, a nice touch imho.

To make sure he fits with the rest, i built him some fur on his shoulder, and added him a smallish cloak.

For the Lord, i stuck with the original idea of adding him some tentacle. He's staying on the table, in case i find something else to add him...

The banner is completed. Pretty happy with the final result, even if its not 100% perfect. I already see some improvement i could do to it, but i think its a very different BSB, and should net me some cool-factor points.

For the chimera, since it can't be marked, i didn't want to add too much to it. What i did is replace its snake/weird face thing on his tail and replace with with a gigantic eye, then i added some open belly stuff under it. VERY happy with the final result, it was just the right size, and easily blent to the rest.

So for now, pretty much everything is built. I think i'll still build 7 Forsaken, just in case.

Goal ;
December 24th ;
Build 10 WoC - Done
Build 3 riders - Done
Purchase what's missing for the Presentation Tray - Done

Decembre 31st ;
Build 10 WoC - Done
Build BSB - Done
Build Chaos Lord of Nurgle - Done
Build Chaos Hellcannon - Done

January 7th ;
Build Mage of Metal - Done
Paint 1/3 of Blightkings and WoC (1/3 means ; skin or metal)
Paint Maggoth Lord mount

January 14th ;
Finish Painting Maggoth Lord mount
Paint 2/3 of Blightkings and WoC (Should be only details left to paint)

January 21st ;
Finish Painting Maggoth Lord
Finish Painting Blightkings and WoC

January 28th ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

February 4th ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

February 11st ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

February 18th ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine


  1. Nice work, like tge extra effort you put into the otgerwise vanilla warriors. I could also do with a bit of your organisation when it comes to my warriors.

    ..Also is it cool to add you to my blogroll?

    1. thanks. the standard warrior are fine to be turned into nurgle with just the correct paint job, but it looks so much better when you actually nurgle-ize them.

      And of course you can add me.