Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #17 : Bases! Again!

With the goal of figuring out if my paint scheme for the bases works or not, i decided to spend some extra time today completing a set for my blightking to sit on. I'm still pretty happy with the result.

First thing i did is basecoat the whole thing with Dryad Bark. After that, i used my good ol' trusty #2 Winsor&Newton to "stripes" the basecoat with some Gorthor Brown. At this point, there was alot of trial and error, having to wipe the whole thing sometimes to avoid larger strokes.

The next step is adding some green. Since i want the boat to look like it sunk, and resurfaced, it needs to feels like it had some algae growing on it. This is a two step job, but unfortunately i only took picture of the first one, using Castellan Green. Once watered down a bit, it was perfect to give it a light green tint. Once that was done, i went a bit heavier with Loren Forest, which gives the light green you see on the completed base.

Last stage for the wood was edge highlight with Rakarth Flesh. I suck at it, plain and simple, but i tried to stay as clean as possible. I think the few mistake helps giving it a natural look.

And the bases completed... not 100% completed since i still need to decide what i'll do with the hole (i'll either paint them completely black, or add something that will look like nails.

A quick test on how the models look on the bases. Almost feels like it could use a bit more green on the bases.

Giving myself the night to sleep over it and decide if i glue the model on it or not...

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