Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #10 : 4 Warriors done, 4 WiP and 1... something else!

 December is a big month for just about anyone with kids. Even worst when 2 of them have their birthday during the month, so my free time was pretty sparse. I still managed to get some things done, and i'm pretty happy with the result so far...

Warrior #1
It's one of the fatty, with very chubby arms, look kinda funny. I had to beef up his hips to hide some gaps, and i think overall it should look fine, especially once painted like the blightking.

Warrior #2

This one is a bit different, as i used alot of WoC instead of plaguebearers for the legs. The end result was another big gap to fill, again with nurgle "stuff". I think i managed to integrate his "cape" thing on the shoulder pretty well to the rest of the model.

Warrior #3

Idea behind this one is that his belly broke open his armor, and will be painted accordingly. I do know about his left arms gap, and i did fix it after the pictures were taken.

Warrior #4
This one is almost straight out of the box. A plaguebearers with new arms and a cape, that's about it. I plan on having a few of those, (maybe 7-8 out of 32)

WiP #1
Another Plaguebearers with cape combo. All he need is some hole in his shoulder and his arms.

WiP #2
A little mixt. This one i plan on trying to add him boobs... my last few attemps at boobs were very bad. Worst cast scenario, i'll add some kind of collar to his neck and call it done. He also lost parts of a boots, showing his plaguebearers foot.

WiP #3
This one kind of look like a leader, by how he is holding his halberd. I think he'll just be a very large Warrior. Still undecided on his head, i think i'll go with a helmetted one for him.

WiP #4
Another large one. Still needs alot of greenstuff work on his legs and hips, and to decide what to do with his left arm. I'm considering either a very naked and very weak arms, or something big. Maybe a tentacle?

Something Else
Still undecided what to call this one. He could be a BSB, or just a Standard bearer. I decided to go with very large intestine, and i think it look nice. Better? not sure, but definately nice.

Lastly, i want to talk about fur. I saw alot of tutorial on how to sculpt fur, and none really got the result i wanted to match as well as possible the Warrior's fur. I think i got closer to nailing it with these;

Obviously, again, its not perfect. A bit too big, but it follows the patter that GW uses for their fur alot better than most tutorial i found.

This is it for now. I'm hoping to add a few models before next week, and maybe even manage to do something about that damn Warshrine....

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