Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #16 : Bases! (and not, not making any jokes about bases).

Bases are often what makes armies stand out from others. For that reason, it is very important to me to make great looking base for my WoC army. With the boat themed, i figured that deck-like bases would be perfect for the army. After looking at many amazing looking army for inspiration, i went and started my bases ;

Pretty simple, looks quite good, and when ranked, even looks like one big piece! Obviously, these were just the beginning, and i still had to nurgle-ize them a bit, adding pustule, and probably some sea-stuff...

This is a paint test with a base i quickly built. The color is pretty spot on where i wanted it, with a tint of green, some brown, and right pustule on top. I think it could use another highlight, but i have all kind of trouble getting one on top of it that will not be too bright.

Lastly, with a model on the base. The color aren't 100% perfect (basically do not see any green tint on the base), but its pretty close to the final product.

I know there's something missing... maybe edge highlight? i could get a bright color in there (like bleached bones) to make it stand out more.


After looking at the picture, i decided that a edge highlight was a requirement, so here's the final result so far ;

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