Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #14 : BSB nearly done!

When motivation kicks in, its amazing! I'm having so much fun building these little fella', i almost do not see the time pass, or my kids, or my wife....

Anyway, i could wait until he's 100% finished, but i'm so excited about this model, i had to share!

Based off a plastic Chaos Lord, i added some bits from Blightkings and Maggoth lord, and sculpted his legs armor. To give his upper body some nurgle, i also did some work on his left bracer to make them corroded.

His right hands is holding a scythe, that is gonna be turned into a banner. At first i didnt like the idea, a weapon shouldnt be a banner as well, but it adds to his amazingness... sadly, beside him my Chaos Lord looks like a dwarf....

On his back, a very small alteration, i removed the sign he had on the tips of his sword and replaced it with the sign of nurgle.

I was tempted to remove this bracer, but the hand fits perfectly in it, and i figured it would be a good place to oxide to the max.

One of the faced i hated the most on the Blightkings, seems to fit perfectly with the model. For his legging armor, i trimmed pretty much everything that was on it and sculpted some nurgle armor. Its about the easiest thing to do, so it wasn't too hard to achieve an OK result.

The banner itself. I considered something free hand, but for some reason, i couldnt draw stick figure with a brush, so instead i went with a banner that will in the end look like Plague Drone's wings. That's what i have left to do. Since its a very important part of the model, i'm not taking any chances, and will do only one side of one piece night by night, so no nasty fingerprints.

Next up, i'm not sure. I'll either start a few new Warriors, or i'll start working on the presentation tray. I might keep the tray for tomorrow, while the daughters are painting/drawing...

Goal ;
December 24th ;
Build 10 WoC - Done
Build 3 riders - Done
Purchase what's missing for the Presentation Tray - Done

Decembre 31st ;
Build 10 WoC
Build BSB - in Progress
Build Chaos Lord of Nurgle - in Progress
Build Chaos Hellcannon

January 7th ;
Build Mage of Metal - Done
Paint 1/3 of Blightkings and WoC (1/3 means ; skin or metal)
Paint Maggoth Lord mount

January 14th ;
Finish Painting Maggoth Lord mount
Paint 2/3 of Blightkings and WoC (Should be only details left to paint)

January 21st ;
Finish Painting Maggoth Lord
Finish Painting Blightkings and WoC

January 28th ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

February 4th ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

February 11st ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

February 18th ;
Paint the HellCannon and/or the Chariot and/or the Warshrine

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