Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2 Ironblaster Part 2

Ironblaster got some love too. I managed to get alot of work done on them, and i have to say that i really enjoyed painting that model. I'm almost considering buying a third just to build its Scraplauncher version.

First, the Ironblaster ;

Metal is done there too. With the very small bits, i went with a very simple paint technique of solid color + verdigris. The straps are very bright to break from the brownish of the model, and because i actually like to paint them that way. I could say that one of them is about 90% completed, while the other is about 75% complete. I'm hoping to have them both finished by the end of the week (considering i'm leaving wednesday, and coming back only friday night).

Second, the Ironblaster riders ;

Those are far from finished. Their paint is not striped yet, their skin is not finished, basically they are still many, many hours from being done.

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