Monday, 6 February 2012

Mournfang update #4

Been awhile since i've updated with new pictures of my remaining models to paint for the big tournament. It's not really that i didnt paint much (i actually paint alot more than ever before, easily 3-4 hours a night, which is a feat with 3 young daughters), but because there wasn't much to show. I work small bits on each model every night, so nothing really wow-ing to show.

But i think i reached a point where there's enough advancement to show off my work.

First the mournfangs riders ;

Metal is done. I'm actually really happy with how it came out. Most people might say that my verdigris is too bright or not natural enough, but that's what i was aiming for. What i really wanted was a verdigris that would make the details stands out, and really catch the eyes on the table. I think it does just that.

Metal was also achieved differently than ever before. First, gutplate are now successive wash like the rest of my army anymore, but a solid color, spot painted over with different shade (went for green, red, yellow and orange), then glazed over with the basecolor, to take away that solid color look. I think it worked pretty well.

What is left is ;
- the skin
- random bits like the belt, and the top of their pants.
- Banner

Second, the mournfangs themself ;

All are at various stages of completition ;
- All have the horn on the back pretty much done with the exception of a few tidbits to paint here and there.
- Only 2 have the fur completely highlighted.
- None have their teeth completed.
- Metal on the saddle still needs verdigris.

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