Thursday, 16 February 2012

Eventful post, but no pictures

Yesterday been a pretty eventful night. First, i received what i ordered in january (finally) from GC-minis. With their free shipping gone, and their very long wait time (and lack of communication), its definately the last time i order from them. So i received ;
3xDark Eldar Venom
2x Hellion box
1x Talos

With this order, i think its safe to say i can play 1500 pts games with a relatively competitive list (for the current Edition, at least). I'll work on some list, and post what i'm planning to play later today.

After having to cancel one warhammer fantasy game, i decided to sit on the table and finish some model. I picked up my second Ironblaster, and finished it. Yes, finished. It took me 5 hours to finish the little bits that was left. Devils is in the details, and so is time spent. I'm pretty happy about the result, even if i know the way i painted my army wont please everyone (its basically table top quality, with extreme highlight to really pop while on the table). Sorry about the no pictures, but i finished it at 1:00 AM last night, and i knew i had to get up at 6:00.... and that's way less sleep than i can live with.

With my 2 Ironblaster done (well, not completely done, still have to do their base.... more on that later), all i have left to paint for the big tournament is ;

1 Sabertusk
1 Thundertusk (basically, the rider needs pants and detail painted, while the beast need some metal done).
4 Mournfang. (again, details, and fur highlight).
30 Gnoblar (skin, details).

And then, of course, i have to finish my presentation tray. Still unsure i'll manage to do anything with it, since i have pretty much no clue where i'm heading with it. Right now the rough shape of it is done, but i still have to fil the gap, raise it a bit, brace it, etc... With some luck, i'll be able to lock myself in the basement for a day or two before tournament to build/complete it.

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