Thursday, 16 February 2012

List of The Month (Dark Eldar 1500 pts)

For this first 40k list of the month, i'm musing about what kind of list i can build with what i currently own. First lets face it, with a new edition just around the corner, its hard to purchase model you're not sure will work later on.

So this list could be considered on the soft side, or to have a few weakness (especially against heavily mechanised army).

HQ ;

Haemonculus Ancient
HuskBlade + Liquifier Gun

Baron Sathonyx

Elite ;

9 Incubi
Klaivex + Raider (Flicker Field + Grisly Trophies)

Core ;

19 Hellions

5 Kabalite Warrior
Blaster + Venom (Splinter Cannon)

5 Kabalite Warrior
Blaster + Venom (Splinter Cannon)

3 Wracks
Venom (Splinter Cannon)

Heavy Support

Talos Pain Engine



So i have a decent size range attack against troops with my Venoms, Warriors and Hellion skyboard ;

20x 18" Assault 2 Poisoned 4+ AP5
10x 24" Rapid Fire Poisoned 4+ AP5
 6x 36" Heavy 6 Poisoned 4+ AP5

so roughly 86 Poisoned 4+ Shots / Turn.

I also have 7 Dark Lance to deal with Tanks, and 2 can opener at close with Talos and Incubi. I'd consider a third Ravager, but i really like Talos' look, and i just want to have one in my army.

The idea behind this is to use the combat drugs or the Haemonculi to get a pain token on my Hellion before game starts. He then get swapped with the Baron, giving an extra boost to the units defense.

So this is it, my first post-hiatus Dark Eldar list. Open to criticism. What i have that isnt on the list is 20 Wyches, a Raider/Ravager and an Archon, so very little margin.

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