Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Northern Defender this weekend.

This weekend is the biggest warhammer fantasy tournament in Québec, with close to 50 inscription. It’s a very exciting event, especially since Games Workshop now recognize the tournament. It’s a 6 games weekend, with little to no composition restriction (teclis being one of those). Scenario will be picked from 12 creation for the events, most of them involving objective capture in some ways.

It will be my third appearance there (First with Ogres under new rulebook/army book), never really managing to get anywhere near the top 10 (usually due to unpainted army, or a game or two where i completely get anihilated). This year, i’m going there with a fully painted army, what i consider a pretty solid list, and some good experience under my belt with said list. It’s not gonna be easy by any means to break the top 10 (after all, there’s something like 4 other Ogres, 5 or so Daemon and roughly the same number of Warrior of Chaos), but its my only goal.

Without going into too much detail, lets say i went with a very standard list involving a Slaughtermaster, a BSB and a Firebelly as character. A bit unhappy about my built, and what i left out, but overall pretty solid imho.

Then there's my character's bodyguard, a 9 strong unit of Ironguts.

To slow my opponent down, i got 3 unit of Gnoblar Trappers, and 3 single Sabertusks. I quite frankly should consider eventually switching for 6 units without the trapper upgrade, but i can't even think about painting an extra 45 gnoblars...

To deal with low strengt unit, and just about anything, i got 2 unit of 3 Heavily Armoured Mournfangs.

Finally, to have some kind of shooting phase, i got a thuntertusk, and 2 Ironguts.

So yeah, a pretty basic list, without much surprise (even if we could consider the thundertusk a surprise, since alot of people do not really like him much). There's a few stuff i'd love to add, mainly maneaters, but i just can't justify changing anything to my list to have them fit in. I'll definately try them in a lesser tournament someday, but not now.

My weakness is just like any other Ogre list ; warmachine and Test-or-you-die Spell. I could also add the lack of many magical weapon to counter ethereal, but at some point, i'm tied with a very limited amount of magical item i can carry since i only field 3 characters.

My strenght is a whole lot of high Strenght attacks, a somewhat powerful shooting phase to shut down opponent cannon and big monster, and many redirector. I also got enough trash to put on the table to usually be the last to place my important unit of the table, and being really able to pick my fight before the game even started. This last part is imho one of the most important aspect of my list, and something i still struggle from time to time.

Following later today, an update on my completely painted army (yes, even the gnoblar.....)

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