Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #18 : WoC Skin progress

30 Warrior of Chaos. 30 converted Warrior of Chaos. And i gave myself 1 week to paint their skin... I hate myself sometimes.

But there's progress! I'd call the skin about 75% done, with only a purple wash left, some final highlight, and then the pustule wash works. These stages doesn't really require alot of effort, but they take times, since i need to wait for washes to be completely dry before going for the next one. For this reason, I also primed my mage, so you should see some update on him in the next few days.

I had to take out a few of the Warrior from their base, since Plaguebearers with cape were impossible to paint. That's the 3rd stage, after both basecoat and the Reikland Fleshshade wash. I'm following the exact same steps as with my Blightkings.

Since painting 30 Warriors is very well, not boring, but its something that gets annoying after awhile, I decided to build one present i purchased myself for xmas, my 4th (!!!) paint tray. I highly recommend them, especially since it looks like they fixed the impossible to detach glued paper on their clear pieces.

It's not full yet, but i'm not worried, it'll be soon enough!

Back on the warriors...

After the wash, it was the highlight with Skreaming Skull. that's when the skin really starts to take shapes. If i wanted a quick job, i think i'd just keep the skin as is, and move to the next stages, but i can't, literally i can't.

And some closer shot of the whole thing ;

Still ahead of schedule with 4 days to complete the skins, but i decided to paint the other unit of blightking after. Might be a mistake.

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