Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #6

Tonight i finished 5 more plaguebearers ; my flyboy. There's no real reason why i went with flies, except that it really fits with the nurgle part of my theme. They were a kick to build, but not so much fun to paint, and it shows ; they're not my best, imho. Still, they add variety to an already very diversified army. I can also use them as Furies, if i ever feel like fielding them.

5 flies. 7 would been better i guess, but i though that too many would draw too much attention to them, and not the theme

I wasn't sure what to do with their wings. I though about vein, but realized that no insect really have anything like that. Then i though about replicating fly's wings, and it was just plain ugly. So i went for a nurgle-ish look instead.
The effect is pretty nice imho. There's different final look, some are clearer than others, and i think it'll stay that way

Next up to paint ; a 2 headed beast, a man on stilts, 2 security officer and a bloated one.

I still have 3 undecided model already built. I think i'll go with crews (nothing special about those), or maybe i'll try to paint a mime...

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