Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review : Town House by TableTop World

When my wife asked me what i wanted for christmas, i figured it was the best time of the year to ask for some terrain for my warhammer table, which is empty for fantasy. So i asked her for a few things from Tabletop World, without really knowing what they're like, minus their homepage and their thread on Warseer.

Today, i present you, the Town House

As presented on the Tabletop World site

First thing i must say about this kit ; it's somewhat an answer to comments on their kit being too expensive. So this option is a bit less detailed (compared to other building they have available, like the Blacksmith's forge you'll see later this month).

First impression

I was a bit surprised when i received the package, because it only took roughly 2 weeks to go from Croatia to Canada. It was well packed with newspaper, but some piece were just wrapped in said newspaper, scaring the living hell out of me that i'd throw away some of my piece without realizing it. I had to triple check everything before throwing away the box.

Once it was unwrapped, fun began.

First, to give you an idea on the price (and to compare to what Games Workshop offers)
Chapel : 40$
Cottage : 42$ (after exchange)

The Chapel is a good comparison, as you can see on these pictures

Side by side, they are pretty much exactly the same size.

Obviously, both wouldnt fil the same role in a city, but still very similar in size

The detail on that piece is pretty impressive. Even for a budget house, its filled with details and stuff that makes it really alive.

doggy is a nice addition, but look a bit in the way to paint the door.
Again, for a budget house, the interior is very detailed too. One thing that did bug me is the fact that the chimney had no fireplace inside. It's one of those detail that just bug me to no end.

Not sure what would been the price increase for a fireplace inside, but i think it would make the interior much, much better...

Magic trick to open the door

Even the interior top is filled with details, but very thin resin, and in a few spot we see through.

When i started following their blog, one thing that impressed me to no end was the stonework. I know they used to do it block by block, not sure if they do it anymore, but the stonework is just ace. There's nothing on the market that i've seen with such detail.

I'd be surprised to ever see a duplicated pattern of the stonework anywhere on the building

A see through window would have been nice, but nothing is stopping people from doing it.


With just two piece, this one is a breeze, and everything fit nice and tight. No filling, no drilling, no nothing needed, a perfect kit!

Final Though

Price and Croatia is something that could scare people away from this product. Quite frankly, i'm happy to have decided to go with their building, and so far i definately do not regret anything. The resin does feel a bit thin from place to place and i definately think you should be careful handling them, but overall, it's well above anything game workshop can offer.

One thing i'm a bit saddened about is that the kit is so nice, you just couldnt really have it work with something from any other company ; everything look cheap compared to them. It's no big deal, it just means that people with already a well furnished table might be a bit dissapointed to see these house looking out of place style wise.

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