Thursday, 3 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Great Unclean One

A few weeks ago, after a game where my Dark Elf ass was handed to me, someone kindly told me that a metal GUO was for sale in used for just 25$. Considering i was contemplating buying the Forge World one, i figure it was a steal, even if i HATED the model.

One of the biggest issue i had with him was that it was just ugly. After a while trying to figure out how to paint him, i realized something else was bugging me ; he wasnt fitting at all with the plaguebearers ; his wounds were very oddly shaped, his guts weren't hanging out, he seriously was just some big ass model without much to offer. I attempted to fix at least one problem, making his guts hanging out.

He's not my favourite model, and i think it shows on the paint, not my favourite paintjob either. I tried to go for a not so unified skin color, adding many different shade and highlight, but the result was far from what i was aiming for. A very big learning experience.

So here is, mister Great Unclean One, the Carnival's main attraction. Still unnamed.

Pretty happy with his guts. Not perfect, but i managed a good job at hiding the joint with his belly.

Each one of his gazillion insect crawling around him have a red head.

Tried a new OSL technique. Think it worked pretty well

A few things left to do on him ; his chain in his left arm, and some touch up here and there

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