Friday, 11 January 2013

Review : Forgeworld "Made in China"


Before we go any further, i must warn you. I am neither for nor against replica. This post is a review from something bought on Ebay, which has strong chance of being counterfeit. If you do not agree with these kind of purchase, please do not click "Read More"

**End Disclaimer**


So a few weeks ago, i decided that i didnt really like the Beast of Nurgle look, and that i wanted something else, something that would work in any tournament (So no "other company" models), and that looked, well, nurgle. Then i though, why not use Plague Toads? At 70$ CDN for 3, i wasn't convinced. So i started looking at ebay, finding deals here and there at a 20-30% discount, and then i found these at 45$.

I've read a few reviews from the seller, and it seemed fishy ; alot of comment were complaining about the poor quality of the cast, the weird resin (very brittle), and many other problem from oversees shipper. So i decided to go for it, and still order 2 set + riders, hoping to at least be able to salvage 3 or 4 of them. so for a total of slightly over 100$, i got 6 Plague Toad, and their riders. Not bad at all.

First impression

I had a bad feeling about this from the start. First, you order from russia, and it ships from china, which seems quite fishy. Then, when i asked for a tracking number, it was incorrect, and when i asked about a correct one, i got an answer saying not to worry, it will arrives... And it did, less than 2 weeks after shipping, which is pretty good imho.
The whole lot, minus the readers

And they arrived in a forgeworld bag. I guess its a good start, or a very good attempt at making it look legits. First thing i noticed is that both kit are a slight different grey color.

You can see the different shade of grey. Nearly unnoticable, but still there

I was lucky enough to land 6 nearly perfect cast. There's nothing i won't be able to cover with green stuff or paint

For some reason, i find those adorable... And definately are gonna get a good load of slime in their mouth.

After opening the bag, a few small piece drop on the table. No big issue, as these are nurgle anyway, so anything missing wouldnt be out of the ordinary, but it could be a problem on something else, like a space marine and such.

I fortunately found the poor sob who lost his toe, and his horn.

After playing a bit with the models, i understood how some piece were broken off ; the resin is very, very brittle. There's no flex at all, it snap right off as soon as you play with it a bit. Again, it could be a problem on something else, but papa nurgle is pleased when it happens to his followers. It does scares me to scrubb them of their mold release, so i might just have to let them soak in soapy water instead.


The resin was very easy to glue with my good ol' bSi Maxi-cure, which surprised me, as my friend's forgeworld' empire ship was nearly impossible to glue with it. The flash was little to non-existent, except the chunk on each piece from injection, which is really nice.

Standard flash i had to face on each model

The fitting wasn't perfect, but i'm not sure who to blame for it. Cleaning the injection chunk proven to be very hard considering how brittle the resit was, and the placement of it all was more of a problem than anything. It's still gonna work, and won't require much green stuffing, but i was a bit dissapointed bit this whole thing.

Could also be because it was my first time with resin...

Another example of bad fit... you can barely notice it with all that is going on on the model.

Overall, building them took me less than an hour, and filling the small gaps here and there shouldnt take much more than that either. For 6 pretty big models, its very good.

Here's the 6 toad. And best of all, they fit on 40mm bases!

Final Though

Often in this hobby, you feel like you're not getting what you pay for (good example is the finecast model, or pretty much anything from Games Workshop after the last price increase). For these, maybe its because the real deal is much more expensive, but i did feel like i got what i paid for ; It's not perfect by any means, but it's a very good recast, with little or no reason to complain. Obviously, its a risky business, since if what you get is flawed, you do not get the amazing Forgeworld's return policy, But i like to think that since you can pretty much get twice as much from them as from forgeworlds, your chance to get a complete kit is pretty much 100%, and you even get a chance to get two complete kit out of it (like i did with my plague toads).

I'm still unsure i'd buy something bigger from them, for example a Great Unclean One, which i'd rather trust Forgeworld for it. But if i ever go the Plague Marine routes for 40k, i'm definately ordering from them again.

Now the question... Do i put a harness on them as if they were pulling something or a clown face and nose?


  1. I've ordered from China and got a little brittle, but just as crip detail sculpts at way cheaper.

    Noses might ruin the beauty of the sculpt.

  2. any chance for a link to the seller?