Monday, 21 January 2013

Review : Back 2 Base IX movement tray

For a very long time, i though about purchasing stuff from Back 2 Base IX, but the idea was always pushed away since nothing affected my paint or my games, so i instead spent my money on an airbrush and similar toys. But earlier this month, i decided that i couldnt wait any longer and decided to place an order with them.

First Impression

 I always wanted to buy their MDF paint rack, but when i realized just how crazily expensive was their shipping, i decided against it, and just got what i absolutely needed ; Round base conversion tray.

The idea is amazing ; you decide what front rank you want, and how deep, and voilà! You got yourself a tray that fit your exact need. For me it was 7x3 and 7x7. The prise was very fair (22$), but the shipping nearly topped the price (17$). So when i received the envelop, i was very dissapointed to realize it was so poorly wrapped.

A few of my tray were damaged that way, which is very annoying with a 18$ shipping rate.

On their defense, the shipping still was pretty fast, and their customer support answered e-mails quickly about the shipping. I didnt contact them for replacement, since the replacement wouldnt be here on time for my big tournament.


I was very surprised when i realized that these weren't pre-glued together but It wasn't really a problem, as MDF can be glued with just about anything. Then i noticed what i had noticed already on their site ;

Since those are not pre-glued, they had to leave a bit of a line between each rank to allow the 2nd sheet to hold together, which makes the tray not 100% equal

The fact that the front and side espace between each base isnt equal is not really a problem, but could bring some problem on the table.

One thing i did enjoy was that each round base was filled with a round mdf base, which allows you to fill-in the empty spot with flocked base, removing some of that "left empty tray" look.

I definately plan on using them to fill-in the empty spot on each of my tray, for a better look on the table

Final Though

Great price, Great product, but very bad shipping price and experience. It's kinda sad, because their product is definately worth it. If you are ready to pay twice the price advertised to get what you want/need, go for it (it's still somewhat cheaper than some), but otherwise stay away.

End result is still impressive

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