Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #7 and Plague Toad

Today, a little bit of everything.

First, i "completed" 3 more plaguebearers, and a little addition i forgot to post up until now.

one Nurgling Tamer, and 3 Clowns.
A bit hard to see, but the tamer have a tentacle growing from his arm, for a nurgling to jump.
Those 3 Clown Plaguebearers are something i wanted to try for awhile now, but never really found the courage to do it. After all, if the white face failed, i pretty much had to repaint the whole thing, and that's not something i was looking forward to. In the end, i'm very happy with the result, it definately add a whole sinister circus feel to the model.

I roughly have 15-20 more plaguebearers to paint, as i want to remove any unit filler i had, and replace them with real model. The unit filler i had built will be used on my presentation tray, to represent the circus installing themself.

So i need to find more ideas. Right now, here's on my to-do list ; 
1 Plaguebearers on Stilts.
1 in tutu
2 Balloon sellers.
2 souvenirs sellers
1 plague doctor
Depending on how the plague doctor come out, i might build 2-3 more of them. So i need 5-10 more ideas. Definately thinking about adding more white faced clown.

Plague toad weren't really fun to paint to be frank. Not that i do not like the model, but there's so much stuff going on with its skin that its hard to really do anything (like i did with my Mournfang, for example). I ended up washing the base color, and adding pustule. I might work on the shading a bit more, but i'll probably just go for a good ol' U-Hu job on them and call them done.

The face is pretty nice, and i think i did them ok. I went for a hypno-toad kind of eye

The back is a different story. I'd call them done for now. I'm open to any idea.

Those toad definately made me think of another thing to add to my presentation tray : A big banner saying "Licking toad 1c". It will explain why they aren't more clownified.

Next up, apart from more Plaguebearers, is Festus, that shall be renamed Rotus. He's gonna be my elixyr seller/Herald.

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