Thursday, 10 January 2013

Look at Canada post delivered today!

Today was like christmas (well, actually, about 75% of it was christmas gift that arrived late) ; i finally received my order from Tabletop World and my other order from ebay.

So for the next week or two, you'll see review of what i purchased, and my impression of these kits.

First, lets look at what i received, Over 400$ of resin godness. ;
The yellow resin is Tabletop world, the bags are "forgeworld"

Click the link for more; 

I decided i wanted a great looking table for warhammer, so table top is pretty much the best there is right now. I definately recommend at least checking them out right here.

First, sorry for the bad picture, is the blacksmith forge, a multiple piece kit with so much details, its hard to know where to start
This house has everything ; 2 floor, a staircase, a fireplace, and even furnitures...

Second is the two "cheaper" houses. Still full of details but definately aimed for the budget people (roughly 1/2 of the blacksmith price)
Those are more intended for staying close, while the blacksmith forge look like something you'd want to play in.

Third is the windmill. I always wanted one for my Orc display, and being able to finally buy one intended for play is definately a plus. The model is massive and the stone work on it is just amazing
Can it be motorized? I'd be curious to see.

Fourth, is, well, it need explanation. Tabletop world offer a cemetery, kinda like Game workshop's one, except bigger, better looking (less skulls for the skull god), and more expensive. On that kit is some very nice looking dead tree, that luckily enough, can be built together, or as separated trees. I couldnt resist (and i HATE games workshop trees).
 They look VERY brittle, so they're gonna be a pain to keep together. But still look amazingly good.

Last pictures from Tabletop World package is the furniture, and blacksmith's remaining piece (that thing has TONS of piece, seriously).
Everything is full of detail, but looks so complicated to build.... and OH! 2 fireplace!

Furnitures! A good chunk of it come from their christmas' promo

Obviously, this is only a quick overview of what i received. A proper review of each set will come soon.
Lastly, my "forgeworld" order ;
Guess what it is!

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  1. I have been coveting that graveyard for a long time. Will be watching your blog closely on your build progress for these!