Friday, 22 February 2013

Presentation Tray WIP #1, the idea

This weekend, i'm starting the work on my Presentation Tray.

I had many ideas, that changed through the process of painting my idea ;

a Circus camp at the bottom of an hill with a few house at the top as if there was a city nearby.
a big circle (or three), with circus tent covering part of it.

I finally settled for something less complicated ; a swamp, plain and simple.

But since it would be just too easy to throw some water effect on a green painted sheet of styrofoam, i decided to go a little more complicated.

The idea is to have something "engraved" on the terrain. The phrase "Why so serious?" was planned from the start, to show somewhere on the presentation tray. After all, this army is not aimed at being competitive, it's aimed as a heavily themed army (Nurgle Only + Nurgle Carnival), so, whenever my opponent feels like being a dick competitive opponent to me, i could just look at him with a smile and ask him "Why so serious?"

But just a phrase is too easy still. Someone gave me the idea of using a nurgle symbol on the tray, specifically, the fly. Since i'm already planning on using 3 fly banner as objective, why not also use it on my presentation tray?

So here's the goal ;

Excuse the very poor mspaint drawing (btw, the symbol is stolen from a search on google, sorry for the author

The symbol and the writing will be the deepest details on the tray (like about 1/2 inch deep). The rest will be uneven, but straight enought to sit models here and there. Also planning on adding a few carnival attraction here and there (like the strenght test hammer).

In the symbol, i'll also try to add all kind of body parts, dead models, etc. It needs to be very... yucky for lack of a better word.

I think each circle in the wings could also be some kind of pyre, or something else made by nurgle followers (maybe a place to put my Lords/heroes?).

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