Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Great Unclean One Based and Finished!

After my test base and my nurgling, i decided to try my method on my Great Unclean One (especially the bloody part of the base). The final result, just like my Plague bearer, is disgusting (imho), in a nurgle kind of way.

Look at me mah! i'm all painted!

Click the link for more pictures...

Always though the best way to base him was to have him leave a brownish trail, which was really... disgusting, especially in snow (like someone did on warseer, sorry, can't remember who). But since i decided to have no snow on my bases (gotta be different sometimes, my Ogres are already snowy), i had to find some other way to add some eww-iness to my model...

Mah! i think i'm leaking!

The result is especially good, even better than i though since for some reason, the bloody red mixed with the murky water and added a fourth color to the mixt (murky water, bloody water, blood effect, and mixt of all 3).

So i added more to the rest of the leaking tubes...

Next up ; Plaguebearers, or 70 damn base to make!

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  1. Ohh, I like him. The blending you've done is great, but the top hat does all the work ;)