Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #11

Getting closer and closer to a finished army!

I put the "final" touch on my last bunch of Plaguebearers (all 12 of thems!), bringing the total to 70 fully painted Plague bearers.

70 Plaguebearers in all their glory

Let's have a look at the new addition ;

Mr Day of the Tentacle

Pretty happy with this one. A careful positionning and eye painting really make him look as if he's looking at his puppet.

What would my army be without clown faced Plaguebearers?

 2 more!

Those 6 are very standard, nothing spectacular about them. Good back ranks model.

My terrible three

I really like those 3. The plague doctor is just an instant win. The eye'd one is creepy (although i think he could be creepier with a better eye paint). The souvenir one is just funny, imho.

A better look at my finished plague doctor

Probably gonna be scraped sooner than later...

Another proof not all my ideas are good ; I wanted to do a kind of jester like GW does, but i failed to really make it look as such. It's not bad model, but i'm not sure i like them that much...

So here it is, 70 plaguebearers.

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