Friday, 1 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #10 and Festus

With a little over a month left for my challenge of painting 2500 pts before ND Open V (February is such a small month), i decided to give it a go and try to finish as much as possible within the next 7 days. I'm on daddy duty (thanks to my wife working at night), so it won't really be a marathon, but i'm hoping to paint a good 4-5 hours a night for a week, and try to finish what's left on my desk.

Talking about my desk, here's what's on it right now ;

3 Nurgling base, Epidemius, 12 Plaguebearers, and Festus.... errr... Rottus!

So a month to paint those, base the whole army and do a presentation tray. Easy? We'll see.

Let's look at two work in progress that haven't really progressed in the past week or so.

Want some souvenirs?

I really like this one, and again, this face is just evil grin friendly. "Want some souvenirs?" I think not. There's still some work left on him, and i plan on having something written in the front of his tray.

You sick?

Everyone's favourite Plague doctor. I really like how his lense came out, i think they work perfectly (and no, its not a shadow thing).

Lastly, i haven't shown him before. He's Rottus, the elixir merchant, my Herald. I'm going an extra mile to paint him up good (going even further than the GUO imho). My goal is to have him basically be a center piece to my army. He also has to be palanquin friendly, since i feel the next edition will bring back the palanquin.

Need a drink?

It's just a flesh wound!

My goal is to OSL his drink and his victim, and have something saying "Elixir here!" around him (maybe his back pack? not decided yet).

So here it is for tonight. I'll try to show some WIP this next few days.

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  1. They've got real character! The green stuff Doc and the way you've painted the maggots, superb. Never tried Mordheim, but that's gonna change.