Monday, 25 February 2013

Daemon of Chaos 8th ed book ; idea on lists

With the new book less than a week away, i have to reconsider my list for the upcoming ND Open (50+ players).
Lord ;
I'm actually thinking about dropping my GUO. Not that i don't want to have him, but if he's dropping to 6 wounds, i don't want to risk having him drop on 1st turn to 3 cannonball. The only reason i could consider keeping him is if the Herald turning into wizard get too expensive.
Heroes ;
With the current increase in PB's price (ok, minimal, but still), and the fact that we now have more than just PB, beast and nurgling as units, i'm not 100% sure i need more than 2 herald. Epidemius, unless he lose his tally, is staying.
Core ;
Definately dropping under 1000 pts there. Most definately something like 2 units of 30.
Special/Rare ;
First the Nurgling are most definately staying. Probably a unit of 5-6, or two units of 3. Definately going for a unit of 5.
Beast of Nurgle are in too, and depending on the price drop, should be a unit of 3, or maybe 2 unit of 3, or a big unit of 4. I think a unit of 4 is gonna be better, for the simple reason that this tournament require units of 3+ to hold objective.
Plague Drone are in. I ordered 2 boxes (so 6 total), but i doubt i'll take 6. Most likely a unit of 4, or two unit of 3. If they are very resilient (like T5, or 2+ armor), I could get 2 units. Otherwise, its definitely just one big unit.
Here is roughly what i'm expecting ;
Great Unclean One (600 pts)
Epidemius (150 pts)
Herald of Nurgle BSB lvl1(or 2) (200 pts)
Herald of Nurgle lvl1(or 2) (150 pts)
28 Plaguebearers full command + Bonus (400 pts)
28 Plaguebearers full command + Bonus (400 pts)
5 Nurglings (150 pts)
4-5 Beast of nurgles (250 pts)
4-5 Plague Drones (240 pts)
With this list, i have 4 units that can grab objective (swarm can’t). I actually think this list has more punch, no matter what the drones dones.

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