Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Herald BSB

Despite the rumors of a new Nurgle Herald due early in march, i decided to make my own for the time being (and just in case the rumor are actually false).

My goal was to use the "cheap" Nurgle Chaos Lord for Warrior of Chaos, and turn him into a relatively fat Plaguebearers.

So here is what i started up with

Obviously, he's not really Daemon material with his big axe, his helm, his armor and his chainmail. So i decided to try and make him look more daemonic.

So here is what i did so far

A big one eyed monster, with more guts coming out, and Plaguebearers hands. I also did some minimal work on his boots, to have it look like plaguebearers feets.

One obvious problem i faced was the difference between arms size. As you can see on the previous picture, the right arm isnt finished yet, but i did finish the left one, and waiting on it to cure to do the other one ;

Cheated that one like GW usually did with my Ogres.

Hope you guys enjoyed.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great! His sword seems a bit small, perhaps swap for the zombie with a scythe hand? Although he probably stands out enough already