Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #3

Today i went four step further into painting the Putrid Blightkings skin, and no, they're not finished yet!

First the video of how they do it ;

Onto the process ;

After working my ass off to paint a solid basecoat TWICE, it was time to cover it up in wash. I know Games Workshop says to do a 1:1 mixt with their medium, but i decided to go instead with a lightly watered down with airbrush medium (the only medium i had that wasn't water!). In the end, the goal is to get the recess washed, and the overall color darker. I'd call it a success...

Once washing was done (did it twice, for good measure), it was time to cover (AGAIN!) the whole model... only this time, leaving some of the recess and darker spot unpainted. While it right now look very unfinished, the color is already taking shape, and i like it! The dark red with very light yellowish white make great contrast... But of course, it wasn't done yet!

This step, i simply do not understand it. When i was doing it, it made sense, but after that, i had to wash the whole model AGAIN with purple, which pretty much killed the even lighter Pallid Wych Flesh.

I tried to do like Games Workshop do (put a very light layer of wash in recess, then brushing it with a dry brush over the rest of the model), but it didn't really work well, so i went with a 1:1 wash over the whole model, taking extra times to avoid any pooling, and repainting some spot i wanted highlighted with Screaming Skull.

At this point, i could call the skin done, and start with the armor, but following Games Workshop, there's still two step of wash ahead of me, and then some pustule work (can't wait to do those!).

In other good news, the model for my army are shipped, so i'm expecting to get them next week.. yay! Tons of work ahead of me, and i like it!

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