Monday, 24 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #7.5

Tonight, not much work to show up, except, early christmas!!

From left to right ;
2 boxes of Warrior of Chaos
1 Box of Warshrine
1 Box of Chariot of Chaos
3 boxes of Plaguebearers
1 Box of Putrid Blightking

With this, i'm only missing a box of Plague Drone to be done purchasing for this army (yeah right!).

These shots usually makes me droll... so much plastic crack!

Once the boxes were laying there, i couldnt help but hurry up to open a few of them, and test fit what i want to do for my Warrior of Chaos

Obviously, its still a very early WIP, but it gives a good idea of the look i'm going for. The small legs are a bit weird, but i don't think it's not something that papa nurgle wouldnt do to his follower, and it first with their M4 !

A picture next to a vanilla quickly slapped together WoC... the size isnt too out of ordinary. Once i'm dont with playing with my new toys, i plan on finishing the cloth on my first 5 blightkings... in update #8 !

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