Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #4 : Skin done!

I finally did it! the skin is done, after many, many hours, and many, many paint pot. The end result is well above what i was hoping for, since i wasn't expecting that much out of it, especially after the first 3 colors...

The following step was starting to add red around injuries, pustule, and open wound. That's something i was used to, since i did it on my plaguebearers as well. I tried to add only a small tint, but around some pustule (like the right guy boobs), it just dried very dark.

The next step was starting to pick up pustule from the red spot. That's where the gross look really starts for me. Again, nothing out of the ordinary compared to what i did on my plaguebearers.

A close up of what the model looked like at this stage. Obviously, such large picture shows alot of flaws on my techniques, but i really like the look, especially the belly and the face.

Here's a picture of how complexe the skin really is... alot of red, purple, white-ish, brown... it really looks diseased.

I never pretended to be a good picture taker... this is the first highlight on all the pustule. Making them pop really helps with the overall looks.

I really started to love this model... the face, the belly, the back, everything ooze nurgle.

Last layer on the pustule. I am leaving them as is for now, since i dont want to start the blood until everything is done, and i have no shine to add to the pustules right now.

And finally, pictures of each one of the 5 putrid blightkings i painted so far ;

With some luck, tomorrow i'm starting on the armor, again following Games Workshop scheme.

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