Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #1

This weekend i started working on my army, after getting a great bit of inspiration from both GMM Studios and Sproket. I wanted a boat, which is nice and all, but it did very little to link the army together, so i decided to make them more.... Watery? Sea worthy? Like a bunch of guys who been at seas forever?


First, a picture of the current family ; Bloab, Morbidex, Gotrut Spume and 5 BlightKing.

I have to say, liquid greenstuff is a requirement on those big beasts. I know that Games Workshop improved greatly their kits in the past few years, but seams right in front of the legs? Annoying.

For now, they do not look like much. After all, not a single piece was switched, and nothing was cut to be replaced by  something else. They're great kit, and far from generic ones, so really, no reason to.

The idea behind my army is to have a presentation tray with a big boat on it, with most (if not all) my army on it, re-enacting the Chaos embarquing on the Sea of Claws. At first, i just wanted to convert the WoC themself, to make them off plague bearers and Warriors (like everyone does for nurgle's), but then i decided to up the challenge a bit, by including BlightKing's piece to the lot, and adding some material to the other models, namely barnacle, sea star and seaweed.

For now i'm focusing on barnacle and sea star, since i just discovered seaweed would look kick ass on these models...

As you can see, i tried adding some small cluster of barnacles on metal only. I know that whales grow them too, but it doesnt really make sense to have them on very flexible flesh or fabric.

I'm not a great sculptor, actually, i'm far from anything like a sculptor, so i'm very, very please with this sea star. I do not plan on adding too many of them (maybe 5-6 totals in the army of roughly 45-50 models), but i might consider trying to add some small fish too.

I tried to make the cluster as different as possible, with roughly different size barnacles. In the end, they are pretty much all the same size, and there's very little i can do about it, i'm bad with such small piece of greenstuff...

Each model probably have between 5 and 10 barnacles right now. I do not think i'll add to many more of them, since they'll be a very light brown/white color on a very rustly armour, it would look weird to have 20 of them on a single models...On another hand, once painted, if i really like the look, i might add more to the rest of the army...

Lastly, a little preview of my Warriors. As i said, my goal is to have a WoC cape, a Blightking torso, and either WoC or plaguebearers Legs/Arms (probably a mixt of the two). I think its gonna require ALOT of greenstuff works, and that's exactly what i want.

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  1. Everything looks great so far! I really like the conversion work you've done, adds a whole bunch of character. Really excited to see how the warriors turn out. I'm interested in how well the kits all go together.

    I'll keep checking in, this is an exciting army!