Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #5 : Armour begins

Didn't get as much painting as i wanted tonight, mainly since i tried the new pre-released game Mordheim.

But i still started, again, following games workshop own advice ;

And my own takes on this ;

First the color to be used ;

Once again, i am faced with doing the job twice, with 2 basecoat used. to bring more color, which means that we shouldnt usually see any castellan green. I'm not entirely sold on it, and i think i might do some feathering with Nurgling Green... I love their choice of color, but i hate that all they did on the armor is basecoat, wash heavily then edge highlight....

Anyway, here's my first basecoat, which should dissapear after the 2nd color....

I really like how they are coming together, the skin is growing more and more on me.

So this is it for tonight. Tomorrow i hope to be able to get a solid nurgling green color over the armor, and i seriously think i'll leave some spot castellan green, since its such a good looking green.

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