Monday, 17 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #2

So last weekend, i spent a few hours looking at Games Workshop videos on painting both the Maggoth Lord and the Putrid Blightking. I'm usually not a big fan of their painting, but i have to say, those tutorial were really interesting. The uses of color is something i didn't think of, and the end result is really nurglish enough for me.

So while those paint scheme are not likely to teach me any new technique, i like the end result, and its all that matter.

So first, the color required. I spent about 150$ last weekend buying new Citadel paint... all in all, i have about 60 pots of the new citadel right now, and they are quickly replacing my Model Air by Vallejo.

It's ALOT of color just to get a skin tone. Most of them make sense, the druchii violet and carroburg crimson used only for nurgle stuff...

First layer. One thing i noticed about the videos is that they prime black, only to paint over it with a light base color to lighten the "true" base color... i came to wonder why they didnt just prime white? I guess it helps hide the spot you can't reach with a brush, but still.

Second Layer. It's a very, very light flesh color, close to old bronze flesh.

So far, its all that i have achieved in roughly 2 1/2 hours (the other 3 are painted as well, just not showing). Next post should cover the first wash and the following cover-up.

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