Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #7 : Details work

This weekend was a pretty big weekend, so i got at beast 2 or 3 hours of me times, which was just enough to finish all the metals on the models, and i'm pretty happy with the final result. Once again, Games Workshop really seems to love using washes, and i had to deviate a bit from their tutorial to get something that i liked...


Since i was planning on doing the two metal at the same time (both "iron" metallic and "bronze"), and most used relatively the same color, there's alot less photos to show each stages...

My "bronze" color. Warplock Bronze is such an amazing color, if you ever need a dark copper/bronze color, use it. It's rich, it has a perfect tint, i really, really loved it.

The metallic color. Nothing special about this one. They wanted me to use a darker metallic paint, but oddly, i only had ironbreaker...  forgot one!

I really had no clue what to do with the banner. The details looked metallic, but it was a big piece to paint straight metallic. So i added alot of bronze, hoping to break a bit the look. After the basecolor, i was regretting it, alot.

Then i started the washing process. On the sword, the idea is to basically have the bottom very dark, and the tip very bright. Works nicely but was harder to achieve with larger surface such as the banner....

- Since metallic paint is so fun to take picture of, i'm missing the agrax earthshade pictures -

Once everything was shaded, and higlighted a bit, i tried the technical "nihilakh oxide"... Feels like a pastel wash. I'm quite franly not in love with the paint, it dries oddly, and is a bit too strong for my liking.

So metal is done, another part finished! next up is either the cloth, the wood, the horn or the "water stuff".

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  1. Nice paintjob so far. Looking foward to see these awesome models fully coloured :)