Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #6 : Armour done!

Armor in the end was alot faster than expected. The biggest challenge was deciding if i wanted to follow GW's or not.... in the end, i decided not. Mainly because as much as they say that dirty (read here : heavily washed) color is more nurgle, i disagree. So i went a slightly different route and, well, here's the result!

When i started applying nurgling green (damn, that color doesnt cover AT ALL!), at around my 2nd or 3rd pass, i though that the color was already looking great ; it had alot of different shade, and the green poking out really was making it look good (in my eyes at least). But then i realized that we were seeing alot of brush strokes, so it looked more half finished than old/dirty.

After 4 or 5 (i think even 6 in some place!) layer, i finally got a solid color all around. It was quite a challenge, and the more i painted those guys, the more i realized they deserve to be painted unbuilt, because there's ALOT of part i can't reach. I think pinning them could solve the problem, but i always had trouble doing that. I might just review some of their underside when i tear them from their bases.

This is not me having complete control over the shading. It's actually me going over the model after the shade to clean up the color. I liked the nurgling green so much, i didnt like the fact it was covered in Agrax Earthshade. So i picked the flat surface and the edges.

At this point, GW does a complete edge highlight with Ushabti Bone. I'm toying with the idea of not doing it. For now, they're staying that way, and once they are complete, i'll reconsider the edge highlight.

Finally, a picture of the model with a white background. All is left is the wood, the cloth, and most of the details (wow... that's actually alot!

Next will be metallic work (both bronze and iron like color).I'm pretty amazed how fast they got painted (yes, this is fast in my book), and its perfect, since i should receive my remaining model early next week.

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