Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rumor of 9th edition, and the panics.

Today, i decided to post no pic, and instead focus on the elephant in the room ; the rumor of 9th edition.

The past 48 hours feel like a couple years ago, when 8th edition was "announced", and people were already claiming they were sticking to 7th ed, and some organizer went as far as keeping their tournament 7th ed. Where are these people now? Probably enjoying the 8th edition like everyone else.

There's a few things i think we need to consider, and i'll try my best to describe them in a coherent manner.

1st. reboot of the fluff.

For the fluff bunny, its aweful. Obviously, flushing out all the great history that made Warhammer "unique" seems like a strong move, but seriously, how long can a world stay at 23:59:59 before everything ends? 40k been stuck like that forever, and quite frankly, it gets boring after awhile. Karl Franz won't be forgotten, he just won't be fighting anymore, and he'll be remembered like the "Old Ones" right now, or Sigmar. Nothing stopping you from building an army around that Fluff if you feel like it.

2nd. The end of Lizardmen

This, i find quite funny. Ok, if they really leave for the stars (to become tyranids? who knows!), do you really think they can take everyone with them, not leaving a single warband? If the rumor a totally true, the 8th edition book will work with 9th edition, they just won't be the best, kinda like Beastmen right now i guess...

3rd. Round base.

This one, i really don't mind. My Daemon army is based on round base, and i use Back-2-Base-IX's tray to rank them up, and its amazing. There's little to no problem ranking them (you just move around a model if his weapon is in the way), and it looks just as good as square base. Sure, it's gonna be annoying to remove some models from their base, but it been done before (ask Beastmen player and 20mm vs 25mm).

4th. 6 "Alliance".

Again, i see no real problem. The End Times's legion was a great idea imho. I would have personally prefer an alliance table like 40k, but merging army together works too. Who needs 2 kind of skeleton warrior anyway? And elfs? they all share pretty much the same rules now, i see no problem with that. Also, keep in mind that the lesser different faction there is to deal with, the better chance there is of balance between them. The nay-sayer will say that GW knows nothing about balance, and to those i say, suck it. Whatever they do, you won't be happy anyway.

5th. Limited Ed models.

This one, on a business point of view, i think its amazing. You literally create a demand. People will swarm to get a model if they know that when they're gone, they're gone for good. Just think, how many WoC would have pruchased a Warshrine on released if they knew the quantity was limited? i'm sure even those who didnt plan on using one would have bought one, just to be on the safe side. I know i will purchase anything that is released for my armies, just for that reason. Sure, it will  suck for those who didn't get one, and i'm sure "Made in China" is gonna have a lots of fun duplicating oop models.

6th. Bubble "world".

This one is interesting. And i'm actually really curious about it. It opens a whole new world of possibilities for fluff for your armies, and depending on how its presented, it could literally open a whole new world of possibilities for your armies. feel steampunk? Why wouldnt your bubble develop steam power on smaller scale? You want to base your model on purple grass? why not? It opens the possibilities beyond the current world (which is even more limiting, considering its based on real world).

Finally, keep in mind something ; when 8th was released, everyone was crying about the lack of items, the change in rules (steadfast and random charge) and plenty of other things. We lived thru them, and most would agree, 8th ed was one of the best.

Am i happy about these change? not sure. I'm holding on any new project i had until 9th ed is released. Will i quit? obviously not. Will i enjoy it? lets hope so.

Because in the end, its a game that we play a pretty high price to enjoy.

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