Monday, 12 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #22 : Devil's in the details

An old saying about details ; they sucks.

I spent maybe 10+ hours doing details on the Warriors, and i still feel like i have tons left to do.... but it's advancing, and my mage is nearly done!

But before my picture galore, let me tell you about my first battle with my warriors.

So last sunday i played my first game with my WoC. With my DoC, and a little my Dark Elf, i didn't bring them out before the big tournament because i didn't want people to see my new paint, and keep it a surprise, but i realized i need practice.

So i brough something that will be close to my final 2400 pts list ;

Chaos Lord with 1+/4++ of Nurgle
Wizard lvl4 of Metal with Skull of Katam
BSB 2+ of Nurgle

2x14 WoC with Halberd and Shield of Nurgle

Gorebeast chariot of Nurgle
Warshrine of Nurgle
5 Putrid Blightkings
1 Chimera
1 Hellcannon.

My opponent had a CO Bus, tons of skinks and tetto'ekko. I won't go into detail about the batrep (since i didnt take picture and have a goldfish memory), but lets just say that turn 2, a comet came down on my army and destroyed half a unit of WoC, a gorebeast chariot, and nearly killed my warshrine. I also was very bad at remembering to use the warshrine spell...

In the end, it was a major loss for me (something like 22-8), but it was tons of fun, and i am ready to make some quick change to my list, such as taking out the hell-suck-cannon.

Now, the pictures !

My wizard is pretty much done. All i need to do is find a color for his cloak interior, which i can't seem to decide on. I hate it.

Such an awesome model... i love it.

There's some purple color on the robe that my camera cannot seems to be able to pick up. Its not really THAT red, but not that purple either.....

I though long and hard about the skin color on the tentacle, and i'm pretty happy to have stuck with the same color as the rest of the army, its not such a bad color for a tentacle!

Warrior obviously got some love too. I did that "arm" in skintone too, to see how would a big monster look with it, because i'm seriously considering the gorebeast and the warshrine carrier to be the color of skintone, maybe with a bit more purple.

Same with this one.

they do look good ranked up. might just need something more on the armor....

The cloak. the fur detail is very light, and its on purpose, i think it look great on the table that way.

Tonight, i'm hoping to finish the cloth handle on the armor, and probably will start on their base, or do the interior of their cloak. No matter what, i want them finished tomorrow night, so i can start on the chariot and warshrine wednesday.


  1. O I do love that red on the wizard!

    I will say those warriors look like they'd get a bit cold in the cooler months? :P

    1. I think they are pretty too far gone into the nurgle land to notice frost bites...

      .... you just gave me an idea to add blue to the models!