Friday, 9 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #21 : WoC Armor Done, and Cape underway.

I feel like in trainspotting these days, except instead of dreaming of clean bathroom, i dream of going to bed early, and sleeping late.

Another night of painting until the wee hours last night allowed me to be almost done with the Warriors, with the armor, some details and most of the cloak done. I think i could manage to finish them this weekend if i get to spend enough time on them.

Here's my test model. I'm not entirely happy with the fur, i think it could use some lighter color between the basecoat and the edge highlight, but its pretty much spot on the color i want.

Now, something i been meaning to show you guys for some times. Converting nurgle has its advantage, if your job isnt clean, you can always fix it with paint... here's what i did with a pretty rough neck

IMHO, it look diseased, instead of just looking unfinished.

And finally, some picture of how they are right now.

the thing left to do on those ;
Fur on cloak
Random Cloth (Weapon handle, and banner guy)
Random details, like skull and such.

Lastly, i also started working on my Mage, so i can finish him with the Warrior.

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