Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #25 : Chariot, Warshrine and Chaos Lord Done!

Thist morning i put the last touches on my Warshrine, the chariot and the Chaos Lord. They are all stuck to their base, and ready to rock!

Once i was done sticking him to his base, i realized he might be too... normal? to be considered a Lord. he's not that much bigger than a standard rank and files. and his base is nothing spectacular... Might need to rethink the whole thing...

Still very happy with the final result, he's exactly the color i wated, and pretty much everything worked on him, except maybe the tentacle... Oh and yes, i just noticed that i forgot the skull on his belt....

Warshrine. another very nice model who was alot of fun to paint and convert. In the end, i'm pretty happy with the whole thing, even the flames!

Some small details that still need works, for example, is his ... ass? I want something coming out of it... maybe ugly strings, but i'm thinking about something... weirder.

Despite the fact that i added new color with the flames and the totem's top piece, i think i stayed close enough to the rest of the color scheme not to look too weird.

Chariot. There's a few things i'm still unsure about, but that will most likely stay that way, like the pustule on its carapace, and the horn on the chariot....

I really like how the two crew stands in the chariot... they do not look out of place at all.... and still nurgly enough!

So this is all for today. This week i'm starting the BSB, the chimera and the Blightkings. I'd really like to complete at least the BSB before next weekend, since he's the "easiest" piece of the lot left to paint.

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