Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #20 : WoC Armor Basecoated!

Quite frankly, i had no intention to show this stage, because its not really a captivating one. But after spending 6 hours doing it, i though it deserved a post.

Basecoating the armor is a 2 stage process. the first one is to apply a solid basecoat of Castellan Green to block the black.

I like to line em up this way, keeps me motivated and helps me see how much i have done. Here is 30 WoC in Castellan Green armor. It's nothing spectacular, but it takes alot of time...

The next stage is where the magic happens ;

Already look alot more like my Blightkings. Obviously, the armor isn't done yet, it's just on its basecoat. I still need to wash it, then re-highlight it.

The fact that the armor isnt black anymore really helps give a good idea of the final look.. Obviously, the giant Blightking i used for model is a good indication as well...

At lease the model that took me so long to paint the skin have pretty easy to paint armor.

Once again, i tried on some models to add some effect on the armor that isnt there, like the fine crack on the 4th model belly armor.

And here's the final example. The next steps should be done either tonight or tomorrow, so i have very little time to decide how i want to paint their cloak... i'm still undecided between a very light green cloak with brown higlighted to white fur or something more brownish....

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