Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #24 : Chariot, Warshrine and Chaos Lord advancement.

Despite the lack of update, i painted, quite alot actually. I'm almost done with another part of my army, with very little left to do before calling them done (i actually want them done for the weekend, so i can start on the next things).

So.... pictures!

The warshrine is a very nice looking model, but its surface and detail make it a very challenging model to paint. I decided to go with the exact same color as the rest of my army, which could look weird on its own, but next to its buddy, it'll look very good... i hope.

I went with alot of Nurgling Green, lots of wood (using the same recipe as the bases), and lots of bronze. In the end, it really picked up the detail, and i think it looks very good, with very few things i'd do differently (maybe the oxide, which for some reason look very bad on this model).

Sticking with skin color for the carrier was a good idea i think. There's alot of  purple you can see from the picture, but its very similar to the blighkings skin (same recipe after all)

For its wood, i went heavy with green where the wood connect with other things. Might be missing some gloss to make it look wet....

What is left ;
Finish the copper statue on top.
Do something about the skulls at the bottom of the shrine.
Stick the shrinemaster on top and the model on its base.

The next big piece was my gorebeast chariot, again using the same recipe.
I, again, am very proud of this piece. First, i think the overall look is great ; all the color work well together, and even if some things arent 100% finished, it already looks great!

For the chariot wood, i went a bit different, with green between the plank instead of on top of it. I think it really helps define the pieces. I also completely ignored the wood grain, on purpose.

The mount is nearly finished, but the passenger you say?
 Painted like the warriors. Still a few pieces left, but close to be finished.

 Last but not least, the Chaos Lord!

He's, once again, not finished, but pretty close to, with only a few odds details and tentacle left to paint...

Tried as much as i could to really pick out all the details on its skin, and accentuate the purple. Still the same repice, but maybe just a bit more purple.

So this is it. If all goes well, tomorrow night I finish everything and paint their base so i can slap them together saturday, and then move to the chimera... or the blightkings.... or the BSB... or all 3 !

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