Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #23 : WoC and Mage completely done!

It took a while, and struggle alot with choices, but they are finally done, all 30 warriors are completely done, and ready for play!

Of course, they still have small details to finish, like horn (still undecided, thinking about glossy black), and touch up on the cloak, but its things that can wait, and i'm moving on to the rest of the army, so for now... DONE!

In the end, i pretty much followed nobody advice and went with a dark brown interior. I think it looks great. The unit as a whole rank pretty well, which was a big worry for me.

Despite the fact that not one is like the other, i think they really look like a unit, and that makes me very happy.

Might have to be careful on how i place my helmeted and naked head in the unit, because it looks kinda weird depending on how i place them....

The mage staff already snapped in my hand.... other than that, i'm very happy with this unit as well.

Once again, despite the fact they're nurgle, and half WoC, half DoC, they really form a pretty nice looking unit.

Since i'll most likely only need 27-28 of themm 2 or 3 will not be playing during tournament, which will allow me to take out the ones i like the least....

Finally, you might have noticed, i changed the pustule on the bases. I decided to go with a more living color, to contrast better with the wood, so i painted them pinkish, with a gloss.

Next on the table ; Spawn, Chariot, Warshrine and lord. Alot of flesh, and some metal. Then when this is done, i'll move to the last unit of Blightking and the Chimera/Hellcannon.

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