Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #19 : WoC Skin Done!

After a few hours last night, i completed the skin on all my 30 Warrior of Chaos.

This is my banner bearer wishing-he-was-a-BSB before pustule and guts works. You can see the purple tone poking around and the overall look of the color scheme. I think i stayed pretty close to how my unit of blightkings were painted.

For comparison, the Blightking in the middle was painted back in... november? Without the rest of the c olor around, its hard to tell, but i think you can all agree its pretty close.

I tried adding some details where there weren't like on the belly on the 2nd Warriors. I added some lines that weren't there on the right of the nurgling poking out, just to break large flat surface. Plaguebearers are alot harder to paint than Blightkings because they lack easy to paint details and have more "wish i was painting this army with an airbrush" details, like bumps.

There's some area i might have to retouch, since the red was a bit darker than when i did my Blightkings, and the lahmiam medium didnt help the mixt dry correctly at all...

there's obviously still some details left, like teeths on the belly, eyes and such, but these are kept for last.

So this is it, the skin. Next up is the armor, which should really help lighten the model and give a good idea of the final result.

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