Monday, 17 June 2013

Grey Knignts - More NMM

Did some more work tonight on the paladins, i'm happy to say that they are very close to be finished. Bolter and Psycannon is pretty much all that is left to paint.

First, my current WIP

Feel like i had those mounted for months.... and its almost true.

The red and blue work pretty nicely together, and i'm very happy with the result so far. Have to say, i can't wait until i get everything glued together...

The hammer. I think with the red and the NMM, its pretty nice. What i'm wondering next is if i should add a bit of white spray over the red part.

Sword also shows how the NMM works with the red to black "energy weapon". As soon as i get to the store and get myself a few new pots, i'll add more details to them.

Could probably add some more light color to the parchment, not decided yet.

And finally a close up of what my NMM look on my weapons.

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