Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Grey Knights - Shoulder pad work, and contemptor

Last few days gave me a few hours to work some more on my Grey Knights. So far, i'm pretty happy with the result, but i can't wait to glue it all together and see how it hold as a unit.

First, i'm well advanced in building my Contemptor. Since i'm not sure he'll stay all his live an autocannon madmen, i want to leave it open to swap his arms, so i'm thinking about magnetizing the weapons. I decided to glue on the shoulder, since i though it wasn't the best joint (too easy to see) so i decided instead to go for the round thing just before the autocannon. Still need to see how the CC weapon attach to the contemptor, but once that is worked out, magnet goes in.

Still wondering as well if it's grey knights enough. I'm not sure, but i don't know what else to add....

Next up, shoulderpads.

Gold is finished, red is just basecoated, as well as the purity seal. Its really just a look at how it will end up. I'm not entirely happy about the letters on the shoulder, but i had alot of trouble painting them as well as the chestplate.

Obviously, from up close, its alot different than from a distance, and since those are aimed at being tabletop quality, i don't mind that much that they arent perfect. I'll most likely fix a few of the mistake, but it'll never be perfect.

Lastly, i received my autocannon replacement. Out of the 4, one is perfect, 2 are ok, and 1 is complete garbage... But they were free, and quick to get, so i can't complain.

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