Friday, 21 June 2013

Grey Knights - Nearly finished

Tonight i spent a good 3 hours finishing the bolter and psycannon, then attaching the arms to the terminator. Very happy with the final result, definately happy with all my color choice so far.

A little family picture, sorry for the out of focus.

I'm almost scared to count the number of hours i spent on those 5 models... i'd say its close to 5-6 hours each terminator, probably even close to 10 hours... But the most important thing is ; i'm happy with the result. As my first NMM try, i think i did a pretty nice job.

First Trooper ;

Halbert and bolter

Yes i know, the purity seal is floating sideways....

Second trooper ;

Definately my best NMM on the chest, and the hilt isnt bad either...

One of the maint thing i have left is painting the hose... still undecided. My go with Grey washed black.

Third Trooper ;

Psycannon. Still need to find a way to build 2 more for a 10 man paladins

The picture might be misleading, but the only "reflect" is on the red.

Fourth Trooper ;

Really like that arms, nothing say "come and get it" like that pose...

Really like that picture. The NMM on the sword hilt look amazing in the background like that.

No picture of the 5th, as he's the only one with an unfinished CC weapons.

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