Thursday, 20 June 2013

Grey Knights - Contemptor #1 and #2, and a helmet query

Slowly, i'm getting this army done! Still only 7 models are currently being worked on, and nothing is complete, but it's still looking much better than when i started a few weeks ago.

I'm so happy to have picked Contemptor count-as Dreadnought over real Dreadnough, it's almost not funny. I love the model ; its easy to pose, and has lots of details despite its tube-ic look.

My first one just got his basecoat and his first shade, but i'm already feeling this is gonna be a very fun challenge to paint.

Look 'Ma! I'm blue and pink!

To keep everything similar, i went with the exact same mixt for both basecoat and shade as my Terminator, and i'm gonna use the same mixt for the next highlights as well ; i really want them to look just like a gigantic terminator. I'm still unsure he's actually "Grey Knights" enough, but i'm hoping the color scheme will help with that.

Next, my second Contemptor. He's in a very early stage, with only his arm and legs positionned and glued

Look at me 'Ma! I have a paint pot for legs!

His arms are gonna be much more different from the other, so will his legs. The first one has a "come get me" look with his left foot standing on a rock (or a dead ennemy, still undecided), while the second one will be walking/running gun blazing. I haven't added any GK's decoration yet, but i'm hoping to add more than just purity seals on him.

Look 'Ma! No arms!

One of the reason it took me so long to build him is that i magnetized both arms with heavy duty magnet, so i can easily remove them, and they are sturdy enough to stay on, even if knocked down. I'm always expecting Games Workshop to nerf something that is too good, and Dreadnought with 2 Twin Linked Autocannon and Psybolt ammo is just too good.

Lastly, a question for everyone ; I want my terminator helmet white, but i'm not sure what to do with it (shade, etc), What do you guys think? I'm thinking the obvious needs to be done ; painting the eye red gemmed, but after that? should i shade the helmet? if so, with what color?

Slightly cut his neck off so his head is more "inside" his shoulder than usual.

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