Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Grey Knights - a 1500 pts list.

1500 pts is a pretty good starting number imho ; easy enough to collect (especially GK), and high enough to play multiple unit choice.

I have a pretty limited budget for the next weeks/months, so i need to play with what i got, so here is my first GK list, that i hope to try out for the first time somewhere in july ;


10 Paladins
2 Hammer
5 Halberd
2 Sword
1 Brotherhood Banner

3 Psycannon

1 Paladins
1 Sword

2xTwinlinked Autocannon
Psybolt ammo

2xTwinlinked Autocannon
Psybolt ammo

Heavy Incinerator
Personal Teleporter

All i'm missing is a single paladin to finish purchasing everything, which will also give me my extra psycannon. 1 solo paladin is pretty easy kill, but i want to keep a bit 10 man unit just so i can split them up if needed, or keep them as death star if required...

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