Saturday, 22 June 2013

Grey Knights - Paladins finished, and Dreadknight ready for priming.

A pretty productive day ; After spending most of the morning walking around town with 2 of my daughters, i catched a break while they were sleeping and started assembling my Dreadknights, and also finished painting my paladins...

First, the dreadknight.

As you can see, i'm planning on painting him in many parts. Reason is simple ; most of the mechanical part will be painted black, while the rest will be painted like the paladins... so i figured the easiest way would be to separate him before painting...

A bit dissapointed tho ; Magnetizing him will be nearly impossible, since the piece attaching the arm to the shoulder is just weird. I might just end up not magnetizing him at all, but i don't know, from what i've seen, a fully geared Dreadknight is pretty hard to fit in a 1500 pts...

The other part was finishing the Paladins.

At first, i wanted to add red eyes, but i just couldnt manage to do something that looked good on such weird eyes, especially on a pure white background. So i decided to just shade the helmet, and keep the eyes white... might try with a black wash later, but for now, i'm just too dissapointed in those eyes to do anything that could ruin it.

As they are right now, a unit of 5 still look very good, and i'm sure once i'm done with their 5 buddies, its gonna be good enough.

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